the story behind the collection…

In 2017, flowers began blooming in Scarlett’s world. Inspired by their fascinating beauty, I joined Instagram’s #100dayschallenge with #100daysofbloom. I absolutely love what the word bloom inspires!

Why watercolour? Well… watercolour material came to me after my mother passed away. From her, I received paint and brushes, but also her love of flowers and her passion to paint them. Bérengère was an oil painter; it was only towards the end of her life that she decided to explore other techniques. Her watercolours were left lying in a big brown box. I found a treasure in that box. And my paint and brushes are asking to become flowers – at least for now. Thank you, Maman, for this precious gift.

Should you wish to receive the catalogue, place an order or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. Looking forward to hearing from you!